About us

MY ODYSSEY is a trusted destination insider who specializes in providing unique and customized holiday experiences in the breathtaking islands and cities of Greece, as well as in carefully chosen destinations in Southern Europe.

With offices in Athens and Shanghai, the company provides a full range of tailormade travel design services to international travelers, not only in the best-known Greek and Mediterranean destinations, but also to unique places accessible to only a lucky few.

Travel lounge

At its recently renovated travel lounge in the heart of Athens, Greece, MY ODYSSEY travelers get a truly personalized travel experience that can be customized down to the last detail with the help of local insiders and travel experts,

A compelling story

It was in 2012 when four Greek friends, all with solid backgrounds in different industries and international business, dreamed up a new travel company that would meet the needs of upscale and sophisticated travelers to Greece. For these ambitious entrepreneurs, Greece is the land of gods and myths, the motherland of traveling, and the setting of Odysseus and his trip...

Their own travels and experiences inevitably met with their strong desire for returning to Greece and the inimitable deep blue of the Aegean Sea —and thus, a vision was born: to select, curate, preserve and present the best Greece has to offer.

That is how MY ODYSSEY came to be. Over the years, the company has established itself as the definitive travel insider for sophisticated guests from around the world who seek to experience the wonders of Greece and the South Mediterranean in the most exclusive way.

Travel poetics

The Greek poet Constantine P. Cavafy is a perfect example of a Mediterranean cosmopolite: with family roots extending from London to Constantinople (via Alexandria, Trebizond, Chios, Trieste, Venice and Vienna), the poet was fluent in at least four languages and had a deep knowledge of the region’s rich history and culture. His poems transport the reader to illustrious times and places, from Classical Rome and Athens to Cappadocia and Egypt, his place of birth.

One of his most celebrated poems, Ithaka, is inspired by Homer’s Odyssey and Odysseus’ decade-long journey from Troy back to his homeland. Both for Cavafy and Homer, Ithaka is an idea and not a destination; Odysseus’ travels thus become a metaphor for the soul’s endless journey, and how we accumulate experiences and “treasures” as we “travel” from one life chapter to the next.

Inspired by our great poet’s invaluable insight into life and the joys of travel, we embrace each experience like a unique life event that has a small treasure to offer us —be it a memory, a souvenir, knowledge, or muchneeded peace of mind. Just as a poet picks his or her words carefully to put together verses full of beauty and wit, we curate exclusive experiences and travel itineraries for the discerning traveler, customized and thought out down to the last detail.